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LouisianaBio members receive support through advocacy activities, networking and business development opportunities, and communications designed to raise awareness about research programs and biotech/bioscience/biomedical businesses within the State of Louisiana and industry channels outside the state as well. LouisianaBio champions biotechnology and advocates for all of our members—both large and small.

Save Money, Work Smart

Save money on critical lab and business services through the BIO Business Solutions discount purchasing program, and look for scientific service providers and collaborators through the newly launched BIO BizLink.

Choose Your Membership Level

LouisianaBio offers memberships at Core, Associate, Institutional, Individual and Non-Louisiana Corporate Levels. You can easily apply online and opt to submit your dues by check or make your dues payment online.

Core Members

This category includes any Louisiana-based for-profit company that develops, manufactures or commercializes drugs or pharmaceuticals; medical devices or equipment; or agricultural, industrial or environmental products based upon the practical applications of biosciences. Core members also include for-profit research, medical and testing laboratories, and hospitals. 

Associate Industry Members

Associate industry members are Louisiana-based organizations that provide services, equipment, supplies or other products of benefit to the bioscience industry, such as law, consulting, accounting and real estate firms, investment groups, employment agencies, and economic development agencies.

Institutional Members

This category includes any Louisiana-based non-profit institution, research laboratory, academic medical center, university, or government agency with involvement in the biosciences.

Individual Members

Individuals from any state who are not members of LouisianaBio through their employer or institution are eligible to join LouisianaBio as Individual Members. 

Non-Louisiana Corporate Members

This category includes companies that conduct business with the Louisiana legislature, research institutions and biotechnology companies that are not based in the State of Louisiana, but desire to become active members of LouisianaBio. This category primarily includes government affairs representatives for pharmaceutical/bioscience/energy/environmental companies, and out-of-state consulting, real estate, accounting, and law firms doing business in Louisiana.

For more information about the benefits of joining LouisianaBio, please contact Rhonda Melancon, Executive Director, at 504-427-7535 or by email.